How does it work ?

Mdc2pdf allows you to turn ODK or KoboCollect instances into PDF documents for consultation or printing purposes.

The resulting PDF document contains the structure of the questionnaire and one instance (one filled, finalized form).

Converting instances from a phone is limited to some preselected templates, but you can convert any form by doing it from a computer.

Finding your ODK/KoboCollect folder

Please indicate first the location of your general ODK/KoboCollect folder. It is usually copied from your phone and contains easily recognizable folders.

Select your instance

Based on the odk folder you selected, Mdc2pdf will automatically list the instances which contain the data. All you have left to do is to choose an instance from the list which is then exported as PDF.

Your document is ready

Select a template

Converting ODK/KoboCollect instances from a phone is limited to some preselected templates. Please select below the template you would like to use.

Reminder: if the form you wish to convert is not available in the Templates, you can still convert it by copying all your ODK/KoboCollect files to a computer, and using the Convert From Computer option.

Select the instance to convert

Next, please select the XML file of your instance on your phone. It can be found within the odk folder of your phone.

Your document is ready